Web Development and Design Companies in Egypt

Markeona Web offers you a wide range of amazing new functions and endless possibilities when it comes to web development. We take care of every detail from creating a lightweight website for a quick loading time to ensuring easy navigation so that any visitor would have no trouble navigating through your website. While doing so, we like to pamper our clients by letting them in on all the latest functions and web development trends that they can add to their websites. At Markeona Web, it’s not just about getting the job done; we like to challenge ourselves with every new web development project by offering the client a list of new features that he/she might be interested in adding to the website.  

 While creating the front end code, we use CSS3 and HTML5 to provide you with the latest layout trends that enhance the aesthetics and performance of your website. The programming languages we use include PHP, a server side scripting language which simply does what HTML alone can’t do. With today’s latest website trends and sophisticated needs, dynamic websites are on the rise while static websites are becoming obsolete. PHP is used for dynamic websites where it contributes to the interactivity between the user and the website and increases your website’s visibility on different devices. We use JavaScript (JS) with the JQuery library to guarantee your website an easy navigation system and assist in animation along side with Flash. Perfecting the source code is also important for making your website Search Engine Optimization (SEO) friendly.

Database management is another imperative web development skill required for today’s dynamic websites. Database Management Systems (DBMSs) enrich the interactivity of a website and extend its functionality. At Markeona Web, we use MySQL and SQLite DBMSs that interact with your website visitors, other applications as well as capture and analyze data. This allows you to boost up your website with interactive order forms, registration forms, online inquiry forms, online quotations and e-commerce. Furthermore, it derives extremely valuable automated reports for marketing purposes. You can tell how many people visited your website, with their gender, age group, profession, the country through which they accessed your website, the operating device they were using and anything or everything you can think of.

And for our clients’ utmost convenience, our web development services are also available with Content Management Systems (CMSs). These allow the client full control over editing, adding or deleting text or images and website page expansions as the need arises. It’s as simple as writing an email, you get a very user friendly interface where you can edit or add text and browse and attach images. The CMSs we use include Joomla, Drupal and WordPress. At the end of every website with a CMS, we give our client a username and password where he/she can access the back end administrator tool and provide a thorough training session on how to use its every feature.

In today’s modern world where reliance on technology has become an indispensible necessity, Responsive Web Design (RWD) is no longer a luxury, it’s a must. We use RWD for all our projects which creates an optimal viewing experience for all device resolutions including mobile devices (tablets with all sizes including Ipads and mini Ipads as well as cell phones). This service empowers your website with easy reading and navigation throughout all resolutions from large desktop computers to cell phones. It’s also responsible for removing horizontal scrolling on mobile devices. And if your website visitors are most likely to use cell phones heavily for your business scope, we offer you "Mobile Redirection" which entails designing a totally different website with minimized content and a different navigation system for cell phone usage.

Free Web Design Service for Supporting the “Energy Crisis” in Egypt through Green Energy:

At Markeona, we are committed to contributing to any initiative that aims to utilize alternative natural sources of energy in Egypt. Our goal is to encourage startup companies that operate in the field of Green Energy. We believe that using energy sources such as sunlight, wind, rain and any other renewable source of energy are an integral part of the solution to Egypt’s energy crisis. These natural sources are renewable and thereby do not deplete any finite resource while creating energy. Accordingly, we provide a totally free of charge Web Design Service to any client who seeks to design and develop a website with Markeona in the field of Green Energy.