Web Design Companies in Egypt

At Markeona Web, we are committed to providing you with a custom web design that only you would have and that provides your visitors with the most user friendly experience ever. Coming from a marketing background, it’s never just about beautiful colors or brand consistent design themes, we think of the design as the first selling point for your products and/or services. A lot of thought goes into the strategy behind the design, before we even start the web design process.

We belong to the school of thought that understands that web design is the foundation for the user friendly experience. We didn’t even invent it, it’s a whole science called User Interface Design (UID), which focuses on the user’s experience while designing websites. Markeona Web provides you with a perfectly implemented (UI) design to ensure that your website visitors get the best User Experience (UX) while dealing with your website interface. We always use Responsive Web Design (RWD) to provide your website visitors with the optimal viewing experience no matter what screen resolution or device they are using. Your visitors will be equally comfortable whether they are viewing your website on a desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile phone.

In addition to the importance of the user’s experience, we always make sure that any web design that we create is Search Engine Optimization (SEO) friendly. While strategizing for the web design of any given website, we focus on things like the content amount and its ratio to the images used in the design which is called Text/Image ratio in (SEO). Whether or not you’re considering SEO for your website, we always make sure that your web design is in perfect alignment with SEO guidelines in case you decide at any point to optimize your website. We keep the number of Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) in mind not to violate any SEO rules. We also think of the loading time when we decide on the image usage in the design. A slow loading website is really annoying for users and that’s why search engines penalize this website by lowering its rank. We believe that it’s better to do things right from the first step of the way rather than having to redo it one day if the client decides to take the website a step further than simply having an aesthetically appealing online presence.

Stemming from the same school of thought comes our dedication to creating flexible web designs. By that, we mean: “creating a web design for you that is flexible enough to accommodate any future expansions.” It is very often that we get clients that want us to create a new website for them simply because the one they had didn’t allow for expansions. At Markeona Web, we take the time during the service brief collection phase to walk our clients through all their future expansion wishes. We ask them things like: “would you ever need more languages added to your website, are you likely to increase your service and/or product lines, could you one day perhaps need to turn your website into an e-commerce site?” And as a result of this brain storming session we customize your web design to accommodate any or all of your future dreams.

And finally once all our clients’ needs and the infinite possibilities for their future desires are uncovered, we start with our web design execution process. That’s when we begin by giving you a wireframe which is simply a diagram plan that represents your website’s design structure and functionality. The main purpose of wire framing is to show you a quick layout for your web design and give you the chance to provide us with feedback. Once you approve this structure we move on to adding your brand’s identity fonts, colors and design theme along with pictures and all other visual elements that comprise the web design.


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