Social Media Management in Egypt

Social media presence is now an integral part of every business’s online presence. First, it was the international businesses that invested in social media presence, now, social media management in Egypt is sought after even by small enterprises. It’s no longer enough to have a website as your sole online marketing tool. In fact, we rarely see any websites today that don’t have social media links and sometimes even social media sharing. Maybe five years ago you could have found websites with no social media links, but, now the need for linking your social media to your website is on a constant rise. The good news is: your website’s social media links can actually bring traffic to your website and in turn your website would be the meeting point where your visitors would find all your social media links at a glance.

At Markeona Web, we totally comprehend the role that social media management in Egypt plays for businesses of all sizes. We don’t want to give you a website with inactive social media links like some web design/development companies do. We want to give you a fully functional website covering all your web needs including your social media channels’ setup and monthly management too if needed. It is imperative that your website and social media channels are aligned to maximize your online exposure. We wouldn’t want you to miss out on potential customer interaction, impressions and likes that would ultimately generate sales. Another huge benefit to linking your social media platforms to your website is improving Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Your social media channels will act as “high quality” links to your website as search engines know that they generate a lot of traffic and will improve your website’s rank accordingly.

The social media set up service covers setting up for you all the channels that your business needs. You name it: Facebook, Google , Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, Flickr, Yelp, Instagram… the sky is the limit. We even provide you with a free consult on which social media platforms we think you should use according to your business needs and where you’d most likely find your targeted market audience. We then proceed by branding and customizing these channels for you in accordance with your website’s design theme, followed by adding all the relevant text content, images and/or videos that complete your social media accounts and profiles.

The social media management service is designed for our clients who don’t have in house social media managers. What good would it do to provide you with the setting up of these channels and accounts if they’re not going to be managed to strengthen their presence, increase their likes, shares and followers? At Markeona Web, we provide different management plans to suit every client’s needs. According to your business scope and the type of services and/or products that you sell, you might need a post a day or just one per week. At the beginning of every project, we have a brain storming session with each client to uncover needs and accordingly provide you with our proposed social media management plan.

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