Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is perhaps now the strongest marketing tool known to date. Think about it, what’s the use of having the best website ever with the most beautiful design and user experience if it’s not attracting enough audience? In a nut shell and without getting into a lot of technicalities, SEO is the science of bringing more traffic to your website. Of course you can still do it the old way with paid advertisements and campaigns that bring your website traffic during the campaign time. You can do it once, twice or for as long as you would like to pay for it or your budget allows. But once the campaign is over, how will you keep attracting visitors to your website? Some may simply say: “have another advertising campaign” or “pay AdWords to place your website on Google’s first page as a sponsored website”. These are both great ideas to boost your website traffic for a certain time period, however, they both involve paying every time you want to increase the number of visitors to your website and the results are just not long lasting.

SEO offers you ever lasting “organic” i.e. natural and unpaid results. You only need to do it once and perhaps just maintain your rank through a simple maintenance plan that costs you a fraction of what a paid advertising campaign would have. At Markeona Web, we only use “White Hat” SEO techniques, this means no spam, no paying to temporarily boost your rank, only natural “organic” long lasting techniques. The result: you’re website is on Google’s first page and stays there. The method: we use on page and off page organic and manual optimization, no tools, no spam.

In on-page optimization, we use the organic approach that focuses on creating a rich and informative page content for your readers. As we write this rich content for you or enhance the text you had already written, we focus on the most relevant keywords that your potential visitors will use to find this content. Search engines use computer programs to find the keywords a visitor types in while searching. These are called spiders or crawlers and their job is to find the keywords and make sure that these keywords and “naturally” found within your rich content, not just thrown there or repeated without your page having enough relevant content and the proper title that reflect it.

Off-page optimization has to do with the optimization techniques we use away from your website pages. It involves other websites, online directories, social media, blogs etc… pointing to your website. When Google finds several other online presence pages pointing to yours, it perceives your website as informative to the visitors and accordingly gives is priority in rank over other websites. Unfortunately, some SEO specialists have been abusing off-page optimization by using tools that create “unnatural” links to your website pages. This is a quick fix that brings you several “back links” (links pointing to your website pages) in an unnatural way that is often characterized by a large number of links that wouldn’t have naturally come to your website within this timeframe. Fortunately, search engines have outsmarted these tools and were able to spot spam tools from manually submitted back links. At Markeona Web, we only submit your back links manually and naturally to ensure that Google never penalizes your website and harms your rank.

A lot of other techniques and tactics are used in SEO and with this fast booming marketing tool your website will never be left in the dark. You will never have to pay for advertisements of any kind if your website appears on Google’s first page. You will have thousands of visitors flooding in to your website, naturally, regularly and permanently. Unfortunately, your competitors might be playing the same game. That’s why –according to your business scope and its level of competitiveness– you might need a maintenance plan to ensure that you keep your precious rank on Google’s first page. And because we know that what worked for SEO yesterday might not necessarily work tomorrow, we constantly keep up with all the new innovations in the field to make sure that our clients always remain on top.

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