Content Writing

At Markeona Web, we seek to ensure that all your web services are covered under one roof. This involves content writing. A good website is not just one that has a good design, a user friendly interface or even the best user experience; your visitors are actually there for information. And, you made this website to sell them something. Whether you’re selling a service, a product or even an idea, –like the one I’m trying to sell you now– it’s the words that are doing it. The content of any website is what really makes the sales. Of course a good design will encourage you to navigate through the website and it will give you that first impression. Strong development, fast loading speed and an easy navigation system will keep you on the website, but it’s the words that ultimately sell.

Markeona Web offers you various content writing services to cover your every possible need. You could be one of those clients who’ve wanted to have a website for a while but don’t know where to get that strong content which turns the website into a real marketing and selling tool and not just a platform to list services or products. For those kinds of clients, we provide a full package that covers competitor research, analysis, content writing and translation as needed. We start by researching the online market to come up with a list of the market leaders in your business scope. Then we gather the best relevant content from them according to your sitemap followed by thoroughly paraphrasing and customizing it to make it exclusively yours. If you have more than a one language interface, we then translate this content to your second or more website languages.

Some of our other clients have their own content, but, simply want it spiced up for a more “sellable” writing style or maybe just need a good proof read and/or edit. For these clients, we provide the proof reading and editing service which covers enhancing sentence structuring, writing style, fixes grammatical errors and formatting. At other times, our clients have already completed the competitor research step, gathered all the content that they found relevant to their sitemap and only want to paraphrase that content to avoid plagiarism and make it uniquely theirs. In this case, we immediately start off with paraphrasing and customizing the content already gathered and submitted by the client.

Content writing for websites is not only limited to creating, editing or translating content, it also involves writing special “keyword rich” content for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) purposes. If you sign up for an SEO service with Markeona, we ensure while creating your on-page optimization that we cover important keywords that your visitors use while searching for your website’s content. This is known as “Organic SEO”, which offers natural and long lasting results. In simple words, if your pages’ content is rich in relevant keywords that your visitors will use while searching on Google for example, Google will find these keywords on one of your website’s internal pages and accordingly bring your page as one of the early search results.