Noha Nayel

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Noha Nayel was born and grew up in Cairo, Egypt. She entered university to receive formal training in art education and graduated with a Bachelor degree with high honors from the University of Helwan in Cairo. A few years later she pursued and earned a Master and Doctoral degree in Art Criticism and Appreciation from the same university. Her passion for art has allowed her to inspire younger generations of Egyptian students to become creative thinkers and has helped them develop an insatiable passion for art and art history. She is a dedicated educator, instructor and mentor to students in schools, universities and art centers. Her roles have involved being the art department coordinator, and art instructor in different educational institutions in Cairo. She has also been part of the team responsible for the design of the background scenery for "Aida" and "The Marriage of Figaro" theatrical productions. She is a regular participant in the Annual festival of Fine Arts in Cairo and has designed the cover of a published book of poems in Egypt. Noha's artistic versatility is clear in her different works which include Abstract and Abstract Expressionism paintings, Digital art, Batik, Monoprint and Mixed media, all of which use unique techniques and styles.