Roche Egypt


Roche Egypt provides a broad variety of innovative medicines and diagnostics with the aim to give patients longer and better lives by improving their health. We believe that the patient is the core of all our efforts and accordingly, we customize our solutions with the patient's well being and comfort in mind. At Roche, we pursue excellence in science to bring the safest and most effective solution options for facilitating early detection, disease prevention, diagnosis, treatment and disease monitoring for patients and healthcare professionals.

Roche has introduced numerous greatly effective drugs into the market and is renowned for being a worldwide leader in the provision of innovative drugs for many disease areas. These areas include Cancer, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Anaemia, Transplantation and Virology. Roche Egypt is proud to have played a principal role in the provision of these pharmaceutical and diagnostic solutions to the Egyptian market since our inception as a part of the international F. Hoffman-La Roche Group.